Results of our members’ survey

Earlier this year we asked members what they value about the Scottish Glass Society, how they feel about the opportunities we offer, and what we should be focusing on for the future.

30% of our membership replied to the survey and you can now view the analysis of the survey results:

Analysis of SGS member survey results


Interesting insights from the data include:

  • Members across the board share a desire to be part of the glass community and network with others.
  • 83% of eligible members had entered an open exhibition.
  • We could be doing more to raise awareness of the bursary opportunities and discounts available through the society.
  • Professional development opportunities were top of the list of further benefits members would like us to explore with many other suggesting including wider discounts, online exhibitions, showcases and networking events.
  • The majority of members felt membership and exhibitions fees were fair, though a notable proportion felt that, in many instances, these were too low.
  • Members feel there are a range of ways in which  we could further develop our work to both promote our members and support the glass sector in Scotland, with several ideas offered on how to do this.

What next?

We’re already using our members’ feedback to make improvements to the way we work and create a strategy for the future.  We’re also talking to non-members who work in relevant areas and businesses and organisations in the glass sector in Scotland.  All of this information will be used to assess the best way SGS can support and develop it’s membership and work to promote the glass sector in this country into the future.

We are still actively seeking feedback from members, non-members and the wider sector and will be running focus groups to develop ideas further.  If you would like to get involved, please get in touch using the general enquiries option on our contact us form.


The Scottish Glass Society gratefully acknowledges the support of Creative Scotland’s Open Project Fund for the SGS@40 project.