Welcome to the SGS website

Welcome to our new website. We hope that you will find it more up to date and user-friendly than the old site. We just wanted to run through some of the features and help you get started with using the site as a member.

Logging In
If you are a current member of the Scottish Glass Society, you will have a profile page set up. To log in to your profile, click on the icon at the top right of any page and enter your username and password. You can also request a password reset here.

Once you have logged in you can click on the same icon to open your personal menu bar.

Members’ Profiles

Contact Info
This page includes your basic contact information that is held in our database. This is required information and will not automatically be shown on your profile page.

Profile Details
This information is what is displayed on your public profile. Click the headings to open each section and don’t forget to save any changes you make.

Members Listing Details – Select your area of specialisation and location.

Contact Information – Choose what contact information you want to be shown on your profile.

Personal Statement – Update your personal statement here. You can also write a short introductory sentence.

Gallery – Upload photos of your work here. Click ‘Add to Gallery’ and then upload or drag and drop files. Please use good quality images. When you add an image, don’t forget to also add text. As well as the title, it helps if you add the ‘Alt Text’, which should be a visual description of the work, and a ‘Description’, which should be used for image credits and the name of the piece.

Exhibitions – Add details of any exhibitions you want to be listed on your profile. These will be displayed in date order.  If you’re not sure of the exact date for older exhibitions, just pick the first of the month; for non-current events only the month & year will be used. The same applies for the end date.

Awards and Grants – Add details of any grants and awards you have received. Dates should be dealt with in the same way as for Exhibitions.

Profile Photo
You can add a photo here that will be shown on your profile and as your user avatar.

This section can be used to send messages to other SGS members via the website. Any messages sent to you will also be found here.

General – You can change your password here.

Email – Email notification settings can be updated here, for example if you want to be notified when a member sends you a message. Further options will be available later.

Your profile page will also display the date that your membership will expire.

News Articles
As a member, you can submit articles and news items directly through the website. To do this, select ‘Your Articles’ and then ‘Submit New Article’.

You can then type in the title and text of your article. If you want to add images, you can do this by selecting ‘Add Media’ and upload any images you want. Please ensure that these are high quality and that you add text descriptions. As well as the title, it helps if you add the ‘Alt Text’, which should be a visual description of the work, and a ‘Description’, which should be used for image credits and the title of the piece or a general title for the image.

You can then select the category that your article relates to and you can choose a ‘Featured Image’ if you want one main image.

Once you’ve submitted your article, it will be reviewed by an editor who may make changes that they see as necessary. They can also decide on the Category, Tags and Featured Image, so don’t worry too much if you aren’t sure what to do with these. It will show up in your Pending tab until it has been published. Once it has been published, it’ll then show in the Live tab.