‘Journey’ 2021 Exhibition Online Now

Our exhibition “Journey’ is online now!

15th October to Tuesday 30th November

The theme of the exhibition is still ‘Journey!’ Over the last 18 months of the Covid pandemic & subsequent lockdowns, every artist has been affected. Some of us have floundered, some have thrived. Some have been touched by the virus itself, others touched by the humanity & emotional responses which have often been turbulent. Each wave of the virus has brought its own problems & solutions from lack of access to studio space, materials, education & contact with the larger artistic community. In our view, as we look again towards a brighter future, now is the time to for actual physical journeys. Whilst we have all been confined to home for long periods of time over the last year, now we can meet our loved ones & friends again, engage socially & once again be part of our communities. Each of us have been on our own journeys during this time.  Some of our journeys will be physical – a walk along the seashore, in the hills or local park, exploring our local neighbourhood, not going out and exploiting our belongings and thoughts…… or even a daydream about all those profound journeys of the past & planning for the future. So many things to see, to feel, to experience.  And infinite ways to translate them into glass art.  The journey and its interpretation is entirely up to you.