Outline Submission for SGS exhibition

The SGS committee are delighted to announce an exciting collaboration with North Lands Creative Glass. To celebrate 20 years of the NLCG centre of excellence in glass making we will hold a juried exhibition called Elemental. This exhibition will be shown at North Lands from the end of July until early September, then travel to Edinburgh to the Coburg House Art Gallery and Studios to be exhibited alongside a second exhibition of small pieces called Shipping Forecast, an open submission exhibition. We hope that Elemental and Shipping Forecast will both reflect current and exciting developments in glass, as well as the traditional aspects of the technique. The work can be in any glass form: painted, decorative, blown, cast, fused, lampwork, etc. but must contain at least 50% glass.

Towards the end of July there is a planned visit by a group of American Glass collectors, organised by Bullseye glass to view the North Lands Creative Glass studios, collection and the exhibition work. So this is a great opportunity to show off your work to an extended audience.

Submit your work for Elemental.


Emma Woffenden Creative Director of North Lands Creative Glass

Alison McConachie, former Head of Glass at Edinburgh College of Art

Fiona Logue, Craft Scotland

Member of SGS committee


Elemental: 1. Fundamental; basic; primal 2. Motivated by or symbolic of primitive and powerful natural forces or passions: elemental rites of worship 3. Relating to earth, air, water and fire 4. Relating to atmospheric forces especially wind, rain and cold. 5. Denoting a chemical element. 6. A spirit or force that is said to appear in physical form.

Work should respond to the above theme and have been made within the past two years.

Cost £20 per piece submitted with the maximum of two pieces by each artist.

Maximum size of piece 1 metre x 1 metre x 1 metre

Submission procedure

To submit your work for the exhibition you should be a current member of the Scottish Glass Society. Submission form / guidelines for Elemental are now available. Please submit good quality images of your work as we plan to create a catalogue for this exhibition and each successful artist will be given a complimentary catalogue.


35% on artist price

Deadlines and dates

30th April – closing date for applications (submit your work for Elemental)

31st May – Announcement of successful artists. If you haven’t heard by this date, please assume that you have been unsuccessful with your application.

18th – 21st July – Work completed and delivered to North Lands. It is hoped that we can secure funding to help with the transit of work to the gallery. SGS will be responsible for transporting the work from Lybster to Coburg House Art Gallery and Studios. Further information will be released once funding application has been secured.

Exhibition opening during the week commencing 25th July

6th / 7th Sept take down work and bring back to Edinburgh

8th / 9th Sept set up at Coburg Art Studios in Leith, Edinburgh

10th Sept opening of Elemental and Shipping Forecast

Close Thursday 22nd Sept takedown Friday 23rd Sept