Creating A Business Woman

The last few weeks have given me time to reflect and I have decided that taking the plunge to give my business my all, is the best decision I have ever made. Yes, it is blood, sweat and tears but I’m also living my dream. Things are hard as I really am re-investing everything back into the business at the moment, but as hard as it may be it is also incredibly rewarding.

I had an editorial feature in a magazine a few weeks ago. And unknown to me I was put forward for an award, which I have since learnt I have won, Crystal Trophy for Decorative Glass Design 2017 from Aspire magazine. I feel touched that someone liked my work enough to nominate me but overwhelmed that I actually won.

‘Kirsty’s work is so unique and beautiful; there’s really something for everyone. I’m thrilled that, following my nomination, my editor and MD agreed that Kirsty is a worthy winner of our Crystal Trophy for Decorative Glass Design 2017. ‘ Aspire Magazine 2017

So a bit of reflecting has been going on this week, thinking that I really am creating creative things but also creating a Business Woman….yes me. Something I had never dreamed of doing but in order to follow my dream, it’s the way I needed to go. And I am learning every day and every day is ‘a school day’. I’ve made lots of decisions some good and some bad, but they’re my decisions. And that’s a great feeling.

I received a lovely message a few weeks ago, from a friend and it really made my heart flutter:

‘I just wanted to get in touch to say I’m SO proud of you for everything you’re doing. You’re seriously talented, a brilliant business woman, and I’m loving seeing you travelling around the country with your business. Proud of you and hugely well done’ ❤ xx

We went on to talk about taking time to reflect and appreciate how far you have come. And allow yourself to accept a pat on the back. Which seemed quite fitting at this time in my journey.

There are lots of new works coming, foxes, frogs and dachshunds to name a few. And all will be online soon….and online in my new ecommerce all singing and dancing shopping cart via my website. I have decided to take the plunge as I am gaining plenty of website views and I think people are deterred from buying through marketplaces. So although I will still be on websites I will be selling directly too. Which I’m really praying pays off….literally!! There was a lot of additional cost once I began actioning the page. But essential to make it work so let’s hope it does.

I’m also very excited about some commission pieces for stained glass installations I am about to start creating now designs are all done and the go ahead has been given.

At the end of the month I am joining The Crafters Roadshow and will be exhibiting in Silverburn shopping centre, on the 29th June.

So things are busy and my To Do list is bursting at the seams but I’m happily working through it.