Balance & Harmony Exhibition

Application closing date: 5pm on Friday 26 July 2024

A Joint Exhibition by The Scottish Glass Society and the Contemporary Glass Society

“Balance and Harmony”

Wednesday, 18th September to Wednesday, 25th September, 2024
Private View/Opening on Tuesday, 17th September at 6pm

 Closing date for Submissions Friday, 26th July 2024
Applications are made via Curatorspace LINK

In 2024, the Scottish Glass Society (SGS) have invited the Contemporary Glass Society (CGS) to collaborate on a joint exhibition of contemporary glass art created by members of both societies. This is an selected exhibition with the theme of “Balance & Harmony “open to all members of SGS and CGS.  
The exhibition will be held in the Trades Hall, Glasgow, in the Merchant City area and runs from Wednesday, 18th to Wednesday, 25th September 2024, coinciding with the Glasgow ‘Doors Open’ week. 

“Balance & Harmony” is a compelling and profound theme for an exhibition, evoking a sense of equilibrium, serenity, and interconnectedness.  This theme invites artists to explore the interplay between contrasting elements, whether it be through form, colour, texture, or concept, and to express the inherent beauty found in harmonious coexistence.
Artists may choose to interpret this theme in a myriad of ways, addressing not only the balance and unity within their individual artworks but also reflecting on broader societal, environmental, and spiritual notions of harmony and equilibrium.
Artworks inspired by “Balance & Harmony” could range from serene and contemplative pieces that embody a visual sense of tranquillity, to compositions that ingeniously juxtapose disparate elements to create a cohesive and balanced whole.  From the use of complementary colours and textures to the incorporation of symbolic imagery representing harmony and equilibrium, the potential for artistic exploration within this theme is vast.
The aim of the “Balance & Harmony” exhibition is to demonstrate the wonderful and amazing contemporary glass that makers of CGS and SGS create and to let the public appreciate and enjoy its magical colours, textures, use of light and variety of techniques.  It is also an opportunity for the public to not only discover their own local glass artists but to encounter work from other SGS and CGS members. The work displayed will feature as wide a range of techniques as possible.
The entry fee is £40 per application for members plus an additional £15 if the applicant is unable to invigilate during the exhibition opening.  The fee for students is £20. This entitles applicants to include a maximum of three entries.  Non-members of CGS or SGS are welcome to apply but must join CGS or SGS.  Links for membership:
All work should be for sale. There will be a commission of 30% on sales and you should reflect this in the price of your artefact for sale. 
The closing date for entries is 5pm on Friday 26th July, 2024.

Applications are made via Curatorspace LINK

 For more information please contact:
Catherine Lowe, SGS Vice Chair on
Susan Purser Hope, CGS Chair on
This is a selected show open to all members of the Contemporary Glass Society and the Scottish Glass Society.
The Trades Hall, 85 Glassford St, Glasgow G1 1UH

 CLOSING DATE FOR APPLICATIONS: Friday 26th July, 2024 @ 5pm.

Photo credit: G McSporran