James Denison-Pender

Professional member East Central Belt EngravingStipple Engraving

Stipple and drill engraving on glass


I am a glass engraver working mainly in the medium of stipple engraving.  The pictures I create on glass are made up of tiny dots made with a tungsten carbide point.  The technique was developed in Holland between 1720 and 1810 using diamond points.  It disappeared after that until 1935 when it was rediscovered by Laurence Whistler.  Seeing his work prompted me to start engraving in 1967, and five years later I gave up my career in computers to engrave full time.  I’ve tried to develop the use of several surfaces in my engravings.  I also do some larger engravings using a drill with diamond and carborundum burrs.  I moved from England to Scotland in 1993.

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