Talk with international Glass Artist Karl Harron – The Perfect Vessel

This interactive talk will gently lead you through Karl’s concepts and ideas associated with “Form”.

Form: …by which shape is determined, as distinguished from the material of which it is composed, giving it individuality and a distinctive character.

Through discussions and Q&A’s the process will be to discard the superfluous and to identify and develop a personal concept in order to advance your aesthetic and conceptual perspectives. The result will be a concept that is the simple expression of a complex thought and participants will be encouraged to adopt a sculptural approach to their work – a search for form and push their glass in a new direction rather than master a technique.But ultimately there has to be a “reason” to create anything, a desire to fulfil a concept which is perceived to be worth the outcomes.

This is a FREE talk hosted by City of Glasgow College in partnership with Scottish Glass Society.

To book visit here.