SGS 2020 AGM 7 Nov, 10.30am by Zoom

The Scottish Glass Society would like to welcome you to the 2020 Annual General Meeting which will be online for the first time, due to the ongoing Government restrictions surrounding Covid-19.

We have kept the agenda short but there is one new item of business – reviewing the constitution of SGS.  In order to be attractive to possible future funders we need to modernise this, and we have a proposed new version for you to approve.  View the current constitution here and the proposed changes here. There may also be time to discuss Mapping the Future, the role of SGS in sustaining and developing the glass sector in Scotland.

To participate in this year’s AGM you need access to a PC, Mac, Tablet or smart phone.  It will be better to be linked into Wi-Fi so you don’t use up too much of your data.  Please register that you are attending the AGM by emailing  You will be sent the Zoom link which will allow you to participate in the meeting. 

At the end of the formal meeting we will keep the chat open so you we can have a natter.  I do hope you can attend.

Catherine Lowe, Chair
1. Welcome
2. Minutes of the 9 November 2019 AGM (read them here)
3. Matters Arising
4. Chair’s Report
5.Treasurer’s Report and adopt 2019/20 Accounts (read the draft here)
6. Election Of Committee Members
7. Appointment of Independent Examiner
8. Consideration of a new constitution for SGS
9. AOB