North Lands Creeative 2020 Program

Announcing our 2020 – 21 season, which will see a packed program featuring new work, the best of international artists and some old favourites.

North Lands Creative has supported brave, creative and amazing ideas since 1995. This season marks the third year of our new strategic vision for our organisation and preparation for our 25th anniversary. North Lands Creative is the UK’s premier glass studio; an independent and ambitious organisation on the peripheral part of Europe with a local, national and international remit. We are a home for contemporary studio glass, a producing studio, a resource for artists and a critical hub for international glass making. North Lands Creative works with artists across all art forms to make and present extraordinary work that inspires and provokes audiences.

For artists and audiences, it is an opportunity to be immersed in an environment where there is sometimes no differentiation between sea and sky, where isolation is experienced in all four directions. On a human level, the purity of the environment makes artists re-think and re-imagine their practice and brings much needed time to breathe, unplug and tap into the natural surroundings for inspiration.

North Lands Creative independence and history has always been defined by three things ‘Artists, Location and Ambition’ these will continue to play an important role in our future.
As we roll out our new season in the coming months, we look forward to welcoming you to North Lands Creative to experience some of that inspiration.

The founding spirit of North Lands Creative was centred on artists. We are proud of our legacy but it is not a history that lies heavy on our shoulders; it is a history of reinvention, of evolution, of looking to the future and of change. Looking to the future is embedded in our DNA. Our new strategic plan has provided a catalyst to re-examine our purpose as a space for artists and audiences. As a centre of excellence for glass we use this to reflect, to re-imagine our future and to develop new ways to ensure that everything we do remains innovative and is delivered to the highest possible standards under the best possible conditions.
We are proud to play our part in building a stronger glass community and discovering new talents and offering opportunities; we are thankful to Creative Scotland and other supporters for making this work possible. It is an exciting time for North Lands Creative, as the arts are needed in ever more challenging times, and we hope that you will join us as audiences, participants and partners as we move forward.

Check out our new season brochure. Come and make the visit to North Lands Creative in 2020.

Karen Phillips