North Lands Creative Master Classes 2020

North Lands Creative is one of the world’s most prestigious centres for the study and development of glass as an artform. A renowned centre of excellence, providing outstanding facilities, opportunities and inspiration to artists working with glass from all over the world.

Classes within our professional program offer students opportunity for personal innovation and exponential growth within an inclusive, supportive environment where techniques can be intensively learned and practised. We offer a unique and immersive educational experience through shared experiences and collaboration.

Led by professional practitioners, workshops focus on methodology and processes related to specific techniques, enabling artists who wish to work with glass the chance to develop new skills and new directions in their practice.


Pavlina Cambalova

Pavlína Čambalová – A Vocabulary of Glass Engraving July 13 – July 20 2020

Drawing on personal imagery as source material, this Masterclass will take a bold and experimental approach to mark making on glass. Students will be led in a variety of techniques including copper and diamond wheel engraving, cutting lathes, pendant drills and air tools.

From intensive investigating into surface decoration and textures; to carving deep in to the material and creating patterns of bold sculptural relief.

Each participant will be encouraged to develop an individual approach and distinctive vocabulary of mark making. Urged to redefine ideas through the medium of engraved glass.


Makiko Nakagami

Makiko Nakagami – Simply Makiko August 2 August 6 2020

Ikebana, the Japanese art of arranged flowers is a simplified and stylised aesthetic in which all elements of a composition combine to make a harmonious whole.

Guided by precision, a core value of Japanese culture. This class will explore the ethics of Ikebana, through the medium of hot glass and glass blowing.

Beginning with the simple bubble, students will be shown how to design and develop containers that have an intended purpose, before using their finished glass work in personal Ikebana arrangements.

The significant Japanese narratives of harmony, respect, purity and tranquillity will be carefully explored throughout the class. Culminating in a collaborative traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony.


Dante Marioni

Dante Marioni – Defining Tradition August 13 – August 19 2020

This class is ideally suited for those already possessing hot glass making skills. With demonstrations daily, this class will teach a combination of American & Venetian glass blowing techniques. The facilities at North Lands Creative create an intimate atmosphere in which to watch and learn from this glass master.

Dante Marioni was born into a family of glassblowers; from an early age Dante spent summers at Pilchuck Glass School. Before studying glassblowing at The Glass Eye, Washington, where he met Benjamin Moore, who confirmed his passion and commitment to pursue glassblowing. Over the years, Dante has taught extensively in many countries with influences from Lino Taglipietra and Richard Marquis.

His execution to combine American and Venetian techniques is world-renowned. ‘I have never really been in love with all the obvious qualities of glass. I am more in love with the process and the traditions, age-old and of the contemporary studio variety. Form is always my primary concern; light manipulation and colour are almost an afterthought’.

Dante Marioni is considered a master of glassblowing and his work is help in numerous private and public collections worldwide.


Nicola Moretti

Nicola Moretti – Digital Manufacturing Experiments with Murano Glass August 24 – August 30 2020

Nicola Moretti is a skilled and histrionic glass master who has the innate spirit of curiosity. His specialities are custom productions and the use of murrine, but above all what strives in his propensity to experiment new solutions that dialogue with traditional glass processing techniques.

The experimental undertaking for this class is based on the study of two traditional techniques: glass blowing and melting on refactory plaster moulds. The class will look at the experimentation that concerns the combination on computational design, 3D printing and fused glass mould casting using murrine. Nicola will be joined by Damiano Frison from Del_FabLab, University of Venice, a project that investigates the possibilities between new technologies and the millenary tradition of glass craftsmanship on the island of Murano.


Kit Paulson

Kit Paulson – A Masterclass of Disorderly Inquiry September 14 – September 20 2020

This class will focus on creating complex glass structures from solid borosilicate rod. Beginning with basic flame working techniques students will learn how to draw with the glass. Developing and building an intricate web like structures from scale drawings and simple motifs.

Bring grand ideas, a pencil, and a compass and be taught how to convert your paper machinations into delicate, complex drawing of glass.