‘Journey’ 2021 Exhibition Artists Submission Form

Road Horizon

Trades House, Glassford Street, Glasgow
17th – 22nd September, 2021

Closing Date For applications – Midnight 15th August 2021

We are delighted to call for entries to our live exhibition. The application pack including form and information is now available to download.

The theme of the exhibition is ‘Journey!’ Over the last 18 months of the Covid pandemic & subsequent lockdowns, every artist has been affected. Some of us have floundered, some have thrived. Some have been touched by the virus itself, others touched by the humanity & emotional responses which have often been turbulent. Each wave of the virus has brought its own problems & solutions from lack of access to studio space, materials, education & contact with the larger artistic community. In our view, this is a befitting time for a Journey.  We have all been confined to home for long periods of time over the last year. Each of us have been on our own journeys during this time.  Some of our journeys will be physical – a walk along the seashore, in the hills or local park, exploring our local neighbourhood, not going out and exploiting our belongings and thoughts… or even a daydream about all those profound journeys of the past.  So many things to see, to feel, to experience and infinite ways to translate them into glass art.  The journey and its interpretation is entirely up to you.

All the work on display will be for sale.

All work submitted should have been made since March 2019.

The current situation may lead to changes such as the location or date. If you make a submission, we will let you know about any changes.

This is an open exhibition open to all members of the Scottish Glass Society and we would encourage as many members as possible to exhibit with us. There is an entry fee of £30 per application, £15 for students, and this entitles you to include a maximum of two entries per member. In addition, for those unable to invigilate for half a day there will be a one-off fee of £15.

Please note you must be an SGS Member to submit entries to the exhibition.

Non-members of SGS are welcome to submit an application but must join SGS to do so.

If you are not currently a member, you can join here.

Here are the documents you’ll need:

Journey – Submission Form 2021 and Journey – Information to Keep when you are applying, and Journey – Delivery Note when you are sending/bringing your work to the exhibition.

If you wish, you can pay for your submission online via PayPal.

If you are an SGS member and wish to pay for your submission by PayPal, please sign in and come back to this page to get access to a payment submission form.

Entry Fee

If you are unable to invigilate for a half-day during the exhibition, we ask you to pay a fee of £15. You can pay this here:

CLOSING DATE FOR SUBMISSIONS: Midnight 15th August 2021.