Jewellery Workshop with Márta Edőcs

Márta Edőcs is a Hungarian glass artist and designer who is internationally known for her jewellery designs.

Her work has been exhibited globally and she teaches kiln glass techniques but also on bead making and silver jewellery techniques.

She creates her glass beds on the torch, other glass elements are cast in the kiln. She is interested in shapes, surfaces and messages conveyed in the pieces, than on the typical shiny surface of glass.

Marta Edöcs creates contemporary and minimalistic glass objects, wall panels, interieur decorations but she is also known internationally for her unique jewellery designs.  She is always in search for harmony.

As a child Marta collected glass beads. She was proud to own them and created simple jewellery’s. It was many years later when she started to make glassworks in her own studio. The joy and playfulness took her back to childhood memories. She is playing with surfaces, colours, transparency and is much more interested on shapes and messages inside the piece than on the typical shiny surface of glass.
She keeps her eyes and heart open, finds inspiration in the built and natural environment and in her own memories. She captures feelings and there are often messages in her works. She likes clear lines, simple rules.
In her jewelleries she combines glass with silver, creating eye-catching wearable art objects. Her goal is to have positive influence on the viewer, owner, or the wearer of her pieces.

All skill levels are welcome.

October 22 @ 10:00 am – 4:00 pm