‘In from the Cold’ with Anthony Scala


8-12th May 2017

Anthony will be leading a 5 day technical class looking at the possibilities achievable when using cold working techniques within sculptural glass. The class will investigate form, surface finish, decoration and the interplay of light, reflection and refraction within the glass object.

An introduction to the types of adhesives used for different methods of construction will also be discussed, as well as techniques for assembling components into a finished piece of work.

About Anthony

Anthony Scala is a technically accomplished and creative cold worker with an extensive knowledge of chemical bonding techniques. He creates and exhibits work internationally and also employs his skills finishing work for other artists.

Working primarily with optical and blown glass, Anthony has recently begun experimenting with the inclusion of cast glass elements into his work, generating interest and textural contrast within the piece.

His work investigates the interaction and counter play between the reflection and refraction of light. He uses a muted colour palette, the subtle tones of which lend themselves with great effect to his chosen subject matter. However, he will also include vibrant colours in limited quantities, as well as pin pricks of light within the form to act as focal points within the work.