GMTF 2023 Call for Entries


Glass, Meet the Future Film Festival is dedicated to presenting a selection of new films pivoting around the  medium of glass. The festival showcases a cross section of international diverse and engaging series of short films curated and directed by female identified and non-binary filmmakers using glass as the predominant feature.

GMTF is a microcosm to explore the human relationship with glass and film, exploring dynamics with the physical and environmental context, together with the human and social context.

The amalgamation of material and ephemeral, glass and video, are at the heart of the film festival. Exploring the stories of how art is made, how artists survive, how they think and work, and what makes creativity our most important skill.


We are looking for applications from female identified and non-binary filmmakers using the mediums of glass and film in their work  for our Glass, Meet the Future Film Festival 2023.

The selected films will all be shown across the festival’s online platform. Artists can also submit the work to be shown for the in-venue screenings at the Shanghai Museum of Glass and North Lands Creative (subject to curatorial approval).

The project is supported by Creative Scotland and in partnership with the  Shanghai Museum of Glass.

Deadline for applications 3 October 2022.

Applications must be sent by email to

  • Primary content should be glass based.
  • Films must have been made since 1 January 2019.
  • Short films only. They can be a few seconds long, and although we’d prefer no longer than 10 minutes, we will accept up to a maximum of 15 minutes including credits.
  • Easy to submit. Just fill out the submission form and send us a link to view the work.
  • Guidelines can be found here.


For the third Glass, Meet the Future Festival North Lands Creative and Shanghai Museum of Glass are offering commission opportunities to create new, festival-responsive work or associated programming for the next festival, that clearly responds to using the medium of glass. Proposals can be for any amount from £200 up to £3000 – we expect to commission work across a range of contexts, concepts and costs. In exceptional circumstances we will consider larger proposals or those that involve collaboration with other participants or co-collaborators and partnerships but the application must indicate why you would require an additional allowance beyond the maximum budget threshold of £3000. The budget must include all artist fees, materials and costs to deliver the commission proposal.

Deadline for applications is 12 September 2022. 

Applications must be sent by email to

Please forward the following information to be considered:

  • A detailed description of your proposed idea (500 words max)
  • A detailed budget including the amount of funding you are requesting
  • The resources and technical support you will need access to
  • Images (10 max) or weblinks illustrating your proposal and /or previous work