CALL FOR ARTISTS – Great Fire Schools Project 2016

(This opportunity is London-based, but  may still be of interest to SGS members and is open to all applicants)

The City of London is planning major celebrations in 2016 to mark the 350th anniversary of the Great Fire, which occurred between 2nd and 5th September 1666. As part of these and in recognition of the Great Fire having a significant place in the history curriculum of schools, the Worshipful Company of Glass Sellers of London wishes to work with up to 10 London secondary schools (focused on those supported by City Livery Companies), each to design a piece of glass artwork on the theme of the Great Fire, in collaboration with a glass artist, allocated to the school. The artist will then make the piece. This is an exciting opportunity for cross-curricular exploration between humanities and art.

They are currently exploring a venue in the City of London to display the works and designs in September 2016, during which the winning work will be selected and awarded a trophy by the Glass Sellers Company. The works will be donated back to the school at the end of the exhibition.

Project Process

Up to 10 London secondary schools will be selected in cooperation with supporting Livery Companies.

Selected schools will choose up to 10 students in Year 8 or 9 (age range 13-15) interested in art and / or history.

A glass artist (preferably, but not essential, with some educational experience) will be allocated by the Glass Sellers’ Company to each School who will:

  • Hold a planning meeting with the school.
  • Organise a single one-day workshop during which
    • The artist will advise on the design and his/her requirements to enable the piece to be made
    • A teacher from the school will inform the students about the Great Fire
    • The students will then each work on a design which must reference the Great Fire – further time may be allowed after the workshop for each student to complete their design
    • Basic materials such as pens, paint and paper will be provided by the school; other materials if required by the artist

Note: The school may agree a different process (e.g. two half days) with the artist provided that the process is completed within the timeline below

  • Select one design per school
  • Make the piece of glass based on the selected student’s design.


Sept – Dec 2015:   Select 10 schools, choose 10 artists and allocate to schools

Spring term 2016:  Students prepare designs; glass artists to support design process + then select design

April – Aug 2016:   Glass artists make work to student’s design

Sept – Nov 2016:   Proposed exhibition of the 10 artworks and their designs.

During the exhibition, the winning glass work will be chosen by a group that will include members of the Glass Sellers Company.


A budget of £750 per school, provided by the Glass Sellers’ Company, will be allocated to each artist for the making of each piece and the costs of participating in the project. This project may also be sponsored as part of the sponsorship of a major commission of a substantial glass artwork to be placed in the City of London. The artists may be aided throughout the process by representatives of the Sponsor.



NO LATER THAN 15TH DECEMBER 2015. For more info, contact