Call for all female glass artists

I am currently coordinating the HLF-funded Women and the Glass Industry – a Sharing Heritage project that endeavors to explore the role of women in the glass industry throughout history.

As part of the project I will curating an exhibition at the Red House Glass Cone, Stourbridge. Within it I would like to explore contemporary female glass artists – their work, studios and sources of inspiration.

Ideally I would really like to collect images of workspaces, pieces, and an insight into artistic processes (whether that be sketches or thoughts) that can be used within the exhibition;

If you would like to take part please send;

– Images of women at work/ or their own work spaces
– Images of artwork
– Insights into the artistic process; What medium within glass do they predominantly work with? What are crafting processes involved? What inspires them? Do they have a message/theme in their work? It would be great to collect these insights through written word, or from existing videos or sound bytes if possible; or even through images of sketch books.

The deadline is quite tight – a month from now Saturday 10 October 2015.

All replies and insights – long or short – are very much welcomed.

Sophie Colley