Caroline Meek

Student member West Central Belt Kiln GlassHot GlassColdworking


I originally trained as a French Polisher at the age of fifteen. I worked on ships and submarines at the local shipyards in Port Glasgow and Greenock. I also completed an HND in Furniture Craftsmanship and Design, which lead me to design a wooden chair incorporating glass in the back of it. This sparked my interest in working and designing glass.

I attended Kimmy Armstong’s evening class. Kimmy has been an inspiration to me throughout encouraging me to do the full time HND Glass Art Production which I just completed. During that course I won the Craftex Award 2018, Scottish Glass Society Award 2018 and HND Glass Art Production & Design. I would love to go back to City College and continue learning many more techniques.

Other inspiration comes from travelling extensively the vibrant colours, people, spices piled high in India, smells that trigger memories, most of all Scotland and living next to the River Clyde. The calm and extraordinary atmospheric colours with sunsets and many rainbows to the ferocious anger waves leaping over the wall.