Brian James Waugh { Cobweb Stained Glass}

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Architectural Stained Glass


I work as a stained glass artist in Glasgow and most of my work is created for commissions in Glasgow and throughout the rest of the UK. As well as designing original panels in traditional and contemporary styles, I also make and fit stained glass into windows, doors and various other architectural settings.

I am highly skilled in the traditional techniques of acid etching, fired paint, enamels and stain. I also work on reproductions and restoration of historical stained glass.

I occasionally do drawings and paintings in oil for exhibition and sometimes give glass painting tuition.

As an artist, I am inspired by nature, poetry, literature, myth and legend and exhibit in Scotland and the rest of the UK.

I have established a stained glass company called Cobweb Stained Glass and some of my work can be seen on it’s website

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WASPS Studio
Studio 10
77 Hanson Street
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