Translating a design by James Dodds into stained glass in my Dumfries studio in 2021

Andy Brooke

Professional member Dumfries & Galloway Architectural Glass

I believe in the power of stained glass to tell a story relevant to the times we are living in now.


I learnt copper foil technique in a summer school in 2004 and started a project which was a bit too big to finish. So I enrolled on the evening class…18 years later I’m still adding to my understanding of what glass can do when combined with photography, glass paint and print-making.

I stopped teaching art in an Essex college in 2018 and in 2020 I moved to Dumfries to develop my art practice and get more involved with art in the community. Recently I set up a community stained glass group though a project funded by Creative Scotland and am privileged to be able to bring a ceative element to the lives of folk who need it most (ie who can’t pay for it)

My own glass practice is going in the direction of an expression of responses to what is happening in the world as greed fights with creativity and the natural world gets caught in the crossfire. Creativity is a vital part of staying sane in an inhumane world and I’m pretty sure that’s why most of us do it.

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